Creative Entrepreneur

Sushmita Mazumdar


I am Sushmita. After my son Arijit was born I started writing stories for him from my childhood in India–about different people and places, animals and foods, colors and smells. I wanted him to see how wonderfully different my childhood was from his.

I made the stories into storybooks. I wanted the books to be so special that he would do what he did with his favorite books: put it under his pillow and sleep on it all night. I used various papers, techniques and tricks to make my books like no other books he had, hoping he’d enjoy them even more.

In 2012 I had my first solo show at Glen Echo Park’s Popcorn Gallery and I was amazed at people’s response to my work. I realized the power that my own stories have in letting other people share theirs.

Today, I am an artist and owner at Studio Pause in Arlington, VA; a place where you can see my work, see the work of others in the community, explore art and stories for yourself, and be part of a community that is creative, diverse, and fun!

I am Sushmita. I am doing what I love. I am empowered.

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